"Learnapalooza was just that – an amazing amount of valuable content delivered in a relatively short amount of time. I walked away with some big-picture strategies as well as solutions to some of my immediate issues. Throw on top of that relevant (and nice!) vendors and a posse of professional development peeps and you got a bonanza of learning and networking. See you next year!"
– Libby Bingham, Director of Education and Mentoring Programs, American Inns of Court
"How unique and helpful it has been to share learning with people in similar situations – association professionals providing education. The sessions were relevant to my current situation as well as provided fodder for innovation and growth for my organization’s processes and education offerings. I’m energized from the outstanding networking, content and speakers! Association Trends Learnapalooza 2017 has been incredible. Kudos."
- Sara Stuever, Oncology Nursing Society
"I am an expert from my industry (fleet management) wanting to improve my knowledge in the association education field. This conference hit on many of the topics that my association is thinking about right now from rationalizing pricing of education offerings to selecting an LMS. Overall, it was well executed and the content was strong."
– Katherine Vigneau, NAFA
"Learnapalooza was fun! It was also exactly what I needed at this juncture in our association's education planning and in my professional development. I can't imagine a better place (or any place) where education directors and program/content developers can gather and share their best ideas and successful programs, and hear from experts in the industry about new methods and resources."
– Chris Shank, Painting Contractors Association

Check out our 2018 agenda below:

Day 1

Breakfast and Registration
Welcoming Remarks from Association TRENDS
Lunch/Speed Networking
Demo Daze/Power Hour on the Mainstage
Happy Hour and Learnies Awards

Day 2

Breakfast and Registration
Opening Remarks by Association TRENDS
Local Dutch Treat Dinner & Networking

Day 3

Breakfast and Registration
Opening Remarks by Association TRENDS


Questions? Contact Jamie Herring

Call: 1-240-235-0271
Email: Jherring@columbiabooks.com

Stop Guessing: How to Systemize Your Creative Decision Making

There is an art to instruction. You work within models and frameworks, sure, but a lot of what you do is the result of inspiration and big ideas. And guess what? That makes you a creative professional.

And that’s a lot of responsibility. Your creative thoughts and your decisions dictate the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of your training. Daunting, right?

But what if there was a way to objectively validate your ideas beforehand? What if there was a way to guarantee that every project strengthened your organization’s brand, fueled your marketing, resonated with learners, and achieved the type of performance change you originally imagined?

There is. Let’s talk about it.

Learning Objectives

  • Simplify and focus your project development process.
  • Align your learning projects to the needs of your members.
  • Determine the impact of your projects before ever committing to development.
  • Learn to say no to projects that don’t serve your members.

Cristina Naso, Director - Learning and Performance, American Association for Physician Leadership Cristina is a director and learning strategist for the American Association for Physician Leadership. She has more than 15 years of experience designing superlative and marketable curriculum tailored to her learners – ranging from in-class instruction, to e-learning, to video games, and more.

Erik Sabol, Instructional Designer, American Association for Physician Leadership Erik is a writer and designer for the American Association for Physician Leadership. He’s a former journalist and a published fiction author, and he has used his storytelling experience to create immersive and focused learning solutions for thousands of people all over the world.

Powering the New World of Learning – How to Engage Today’s Learners

Technology has forever changed the way information is consumed.  Attention spans are continuing to decrease, while distractions continue to increase.  As today’s learners have evolved, learning programs are failing to align with the modern learning preferences. Though many learning organizations have Learning Management Systems (LMS), most of those focus on the management and delivery of learning content, but forget about the learner.

Many learning organizations often overlook the most critical component to building a successful program – learner engagement.  How do you design a learning program that meets both the organization’s and learner’s needs?  In this session, Ashish will show you how to mold learning programs to today’s learners to increase engagement, improve outcomes, and drive results.

Attendees will:

  • Discover the main drivers for the disconnect between learners and learning programs
  • Learn how to build a learning program for the modern learner that improves long-term engagement and knowledge retention
  • Leverage technology tools and new business practices to reduce administrative costs
  • Position learning programs as a value driver for users and a revenue driver for the organization

Ashish Rangnekar is the co-founder and CEO at BenchPrep, where he leads the company’s mission to accelerate the success of millions of professionals by helping organizations put their learners’ experience first. As a co-founder, Ashish has successfully raised $8 million in venture funding and grown BenchPrep into a profitable company. In his role as CEO, he has helped leading credentialing bodies and assessment organizations redefine their digital learning strategies and advised their executive teams through their digital transformations.

Prior to BenchPrep, Ashish served as a strategy consultant at Capital One Financial where he focused on new business development and corporate strategy initiatives. Before that position, he gained a greater perspective into education as both a student and adjunct lecturer. In between teaching at City University of New York as an adjunct lecturer and being a graduate student studying Applied Mathematics, he learned what it takes to engage a learner. Those key learnings influenced BenchPrep’s design philosophy and led to the development of the first cross-platform exam prep app.

To date, more than 3 million learners have used BenchPrep to get their credentials, professional certifications and occupational licenses. In 2017, the company served over 1 million learners who collectively completed 73 million learning activities. BenchPrep’s success story has been recognized by industry peers both locally and across the globe.

Enhancing the Mix of Learning and Delivery Methods

Companies are seeking new solutions for the modern learner. Research shows that 87% of companies are changing their mix of learning and delivery methods to increase the use of anytime/anywhere training delivery with an integration of a social component and increase of micro content. What are the latest tools, platforms, and technology breakthroughs that can be leveraged to make learning engaging, relevant, and impactful?

In this session, you will gain awareness to the latest innovative tools and techniques in learning design and delivery. You will explore media-rich course examples and initiatives from The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. You will receive practical guidance and interact first-hand with real course examples that transcend the traditional concept of designing instructional material to designing meaningful innovative learning experiences from start to finish.

Attendees will:

  • Explore best practices for interactive learning experience design
  • Identify effective tools and techniques to enhance online learning and augment classroom-based delivery
  • Interact with sample simulations and innovative learning assets designed to increase learner retention, provide an adaptive experience, and meet the new expectations of the modern learner

Michael Grant
Director, Learning Design and Development, AICPA

Michael McKenzie Grant is the Director of Learning Design and Development at the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, where he leads the learning experience design and development of interactive training courses for global users in the accounting profession. Throughout his career, Michael has helped lead learning development teams and instructionally designed and developed eLearning courses for Fortune 500 companies. He is a former college instructor and department chair and has presented his research on interactive multimedia for educational reinforcement at major conferences, such as the E-Learn World Conference for Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education. Michael holds an MFA degree from Clemson University.

Virtual Events: A Strategic Must Have

Virtual events are a growing trend. For many, the thought of leveraging new technology to deliver learning can come with an insurmountable fear. What if the technology fails? Will people attend a virtual event? How do we ensure quality? Join us as we discuss how to eliminate these fears and leverage livestream events and virtual conferences to extend your reach, increase engagement, and drive loyalty.

Attendees will:

  • Gain insights into why virtual events are a strategic necessity
  • Understand how to successfully leverage technology to execute a virtual event
  • Explore key considerations to launch and continually evolve your virtual events
  • Review scenarios from peer Association Executives who have successfully executed a virtual event

Meghan Gowen is an Upstate New York Native who graduated from James Madison University. Starting with the company in 2007, Meghan has evolved to be a leader at CommPartners, directing our client development efforts. She enjoys strategizing with clients and exploring new avenues of delivering their online education. Her background working as an Event Producer and Client Development Representative has prepared her well for this position. Meghan feels fortunate to work for a company that provides outstanding service. Outside of the office, Meghan can be found chasing her two kids, catching up with friends and family and on the hunt for home décor finds.

Josh Yavelberg, PhD, Education Manager: Online Learning, National Recreation and Park Association- Josh Yavelberg entered into the association field after years of teaching in higher education. His interest has been in furthering the practical applications of online learning by integrating his understanding of research and theory. Recently, Yavelberg has joined the ranks of NRPA where he manages all online learning interactions including the development and delivery of online courses, certificates, certification and accreditation preparation, webinars, micro-learning, and other professional development experiences where there is justified need. Maintaining an academic spirit, Yavelberg also strives to assess and share his experiences to further the body of knowledge in the industry.

The Exponential Association: Harnessing the Science of Learning

What does it take to unlock the full potential of your association? This session unveils the evidence-based secrets behind helping people learn and associations thrive. We’ll examine the connections between learning, innovation, and change, and apply the latest research about designing association learning environments that produce exponential results. You will discover common drivers for learning innovation and how to unify your association's learning vision to best support organizational performance. Finally, you will learn how to apply "exponential" learning strategies to help your association achieve its learning and innovation goals.

Attendees will:

  • Identify emerging trends shaping the association learning landscape.
  • Survey the latest science on learning and adult education.
  • Explain the concept of exponential learning environments.
  • Differentiate between drivers of innovation for learning.
  • Explore exponential learning strategies and their effect on organizational performance.
  • Apply exponential learning strategies to your association’s learning context.

Bucky Dodd, Ph.D. is the Chief Learning Innovation Officer and Director of the Institute for Learning Environment Design at the University of Central Oklahoma. Dr. Dodd is an innovator, master teacher, and visionary of the future of education. He holds a Ph.D. in Education from Oklahoma State University and graduate and undergraduate degrees in Adult Education and Corporate Communications and maintains an active research and development agenda in these areas. As a prolific writer, teacher, and speaker on the future of education, his research focuses on visualization, innovation, and the design of learning environments.

Jae Strickland, Ph.D. is the Head of Learning Design and Education for NextThought, LLC. Dr. Strickland leads a talented team of learning designers in creating innovative and successful learning environments for a diverse clientele. She received her Ph.D. in Education from The University of Nebraska where her research focused on engaging community partners to support urban education. Dr. Strickland collaborates regularly with association professionals to explore opportunities for enhancement of their professional learning programs to ensure members are receiving a highly interactive, engaging, and meaningful learning experience.

Setting the Bar: Learning Technology Standards in 2018

The time for major change in learning is now. In a world where rapid advances in technology have a profound impact on the ways we work, communicate, and live, education has struggled to keep the pace. In this session we’ll cover topics such as:

  • Data privacy and security
  • Accessibility
  • Device and browser deliverability
  • …and more!

Learn about what the standards are and leave with takeaways on best practices to implement these within your organization.

In this session, attendees will:

  • Evaluate your current learning technologies – are they up to 2018 standards?
  • Compare what others have been doing in 2018 to ensure their learning technology standards are up to par
  • Establish a plan for 2019 – what changes will you implement to either get your learning standards up to, or keep them at current standards?

Ryan Graham, Senior Sales Director, Blue Sky eLearn
Ryan has over 12 years of experience in the SaaS learning technology space and demonstrated success leading organizations through the buying process and client journey. Ryan has proven experience partnering with associations and providers of continuing education, to facilitate the delivery of sustained value to their members and learners through the use of learning technology. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, with a degree in Communications and Organizational Studies.

Ryan currently serves as Senior Director of Sales for Blue Sky eLearn, driving the company's market expansion strategy and new client acquisition efforts. Ryan's previous roles include Director of Sales and Marketing for Boston Conferencing and Vice President of Sales for Peach New Media, which was acquired by Abila.

Ryan brings an awareness of the critical role learning technology plays in the success of today's associations, along with a deep understanding of how learning technology fits into the landscape of today's association technology stack.

Creating the Right Credentialing Program for Your Organization and Learners

Certification programs recognize professionals who meet standards for established knowledge, skills, or competencies in a field. Assessments are usually the essential component(s) of such programs and ongoing compliance is often required to maintain the certification. Assessment-based certificate programs are usually courses to build or enhance professional skills, where participants will be awarded a certificate as a result of the educational process. Assessments are important to evaluate mastery of the learning objectives, and continued compliance is generally not required to maintain the certificate.

This presentation will cover key considerations that will help an association to evaluate which type of program is better suited to their organization’s goals. Additionally, the presenters will talk about how to enhance the value/credibility of credentialing program(s) through third-party accreditation. Participants will learn about the accreditation programs that are available to ensure that their credentialing program is high-quality and meets standards set by the profession.

Attendees will:

  • Review the purpose and discuss the reasons that credentialing programs have become valued in today’s environment.
  • Compare the characteristics of two distinct types of credentialing programs frequently offered by associations: professional or personnel certification programs, and assessment-based certificate programs.
  • Summarize the considerations that would make one program type better suited for an organization’s current state and goals, and those of its members.
  • Discuss accreditation standards and how they can help to assure a high-quality program, bringing increased value to the organization and the credential-earners.
  • Compare some of the major accreditation standards that are available:
    1. NCCA and ISO/IEC 17024 (for certification programs)
    2. ACAP and ASTM E2659 (for certificate programs)

Linda Anguish, SPHR, GPHR- As Director of Accreditation Services, Linda provides strategic and operational leadership to the accreditation programs of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE), which include the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), Assessment-based Certificate Accreditation Program (ACAP), and the organization’s newest accreditation program for ISO 17024 compliance. Previously, she was Senior Director of Certification Products at the HR Certification Institute (HRCI), where she led exam development and accreditation activities for seven certification programs with over 140,000 certificants in 100 countries. Linda served on the Board of the Certification Network Group and has presented on credentialing topics at the Annual ICE Exchange, the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Annual Conference, the E-ATP Conference and the Innovations in Testing Conference. She holds the Senior Professional in HR (SPHR) and Global Professional in HR (GPHR) designations and the Credentialing Specialist certificate from ICE.

Denise Roosendaal, CAE, is a thirty-year veteran of association management. She has served as Executive Director for the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) for over six years. Her undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree is from the University of Virginia. Her Masters of Arts in Public Administration is from Syracuse University. Denise earned her Certified Association Executive certification in 2001. She has also served as Executive Director of a regional REALTORS®Association (1999-2011) and the American Evaluation Association (2013-2017). Denise co-authored the chapter on topic of credentialing in the ASAE Handbook of Professional Practices in Association Management, third edition. She currently serves on the ASAE Professional Development Section Council. Denise has spoken at the 2016 ASAE Annual Conference, 2017 Great Ideas Conference, and the 2017 Learnapalooza.

Xiaohui (Dawn) Zhao, PhD is the Associate Director of Psychometrics of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). Dawn has more than 10 years’ professional experience in the measurement and certification industry and has in-depth expertise and knowledge of measurement, certification, and accreditation. She is an ISO/IEC 17024 assessor for ‎the NCCA/IAS Dual Accreditation Program, and has worked closely with accreditation of her organization’s certification program: Pharmacy Technician Certification Program, which is accredited to both ISO/IEC 17024 and NCCA Standards. Dawn has published research papers on peer-reviewed journals and presented on measurement and credentialing topics at the annual conferences of the American Educational Research Association, National Council on Measurement in Education, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Innovations in Testing Conference, and at the Washington DC-area Certification Network Group.

Credentialing: Ethics Standards & Enforcement

This session will focus on the rules & procedures and code of ethics related to the credentialing of Association members, including the drafting, application, and enforcement of these standards.

Attendees will:

  • Understand the basics of how to establish and enforce viable, enforceable and flexible codes of ethics that have to adapt to evolving industry and professional norms.
  • Learn about the importance of legally defensible rules and procedures and the importance of due process, adhering to your rules and procedures, and consistently applying your rules and procedures and code of ethics.
  • Explore the best way to protect the integrity of your organization’s credentials and intellectual property while, at the same time, minimizing legal exposure.

Richard Bar is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President of GKG Law. Rich has been practicing law for over 30 years and serves as general counsel to his for-profit and non-profit clients. Rich advises his clients in all areas of the law, including corporate compliance, corporate governance, non-profit law, antitrust, credentialing, contracts, corporate transactions, real estate, employment, licensing agreements, and intellectual property. Rich has counseled several clients in connection with their international expansion, including in Europe and Asia. A frequent author and speaker, he has presented and written for Association Trends on topics including board governance, intellectual property rights, licensing, and member certification & credentialing.

Mobile Recertification

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is piloting a change to their recertification model after 45 years of retesting their technicians at test centers every five years. In the face of dramatically changing demographics among their membership and rapid advances in automotive technology, ASE is looking for a way to attract new members, foster learning, increase engagement by simplifying the process and create new revenue streams. Come hear the ASE Executive Sponsor explain how he and his team utilized a combination of mobile app technology and social media to turn their idea into a reality.

Mike Coley is the Senior Vice President at the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Mike's current responsibilities include oversight of ASE's Operations and Test Development workgroups, along with coordination of day-to-day operations with ASE's testing partner, Prometric.

Mike joined ASE in 1994 as the Executive Director of Technical Services.  In that role, Mike led the development of the L1 Advanced Level Test and Composite Vehicle types 1 and 2, refined ASE test construction methods using item response theory, and coordinated the launch of ASE's computer-based testing program.  He was promoted to Vice President in 2004, and subsequently directed ASE's IT workgroup and led the development of ASE's customer relationship management system.  He was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2013.  Mike is currently leading a pilolt project to test a mobile app based longitudinal assessment approach to recertification.  

Alec Whitters is the CEO and co-founder at Higher Learning Technologies (HLT). Alec was in dental school when he realized that student’s could see huge jumps in outcomes by using modern technology such as smartphones. When he couldn’t convince anyone else to take this mission on, he founded HLT to improve outcomes through lifelong learning. Fast forward 6 years and HLT has served a community of over 10,000,000 aspiring professionals with over 180 anytime, anywhere learning apps. Additionally, HLT has now raised over $16,000,000 in venture financing.

In addition to leading HLT’s team of 50, Alec serves on the Board of Directors for Excelsior College, the University of Iowa Research Park, and is involved with multiple other business at the intersection of health science and business. He was recently recognized as a winner of “Forbes 30 under 30.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Using new technology to uncover insight from your association’s conference session submission data

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) holds an annual conference for which it accepts session proposals from its members and industry partners. NASP receives 1,500+ proposals each year. As a rule, each session proposal must be reviewed 3 times, and based on the reviews will determine the session’s acceptance. NASP collects data on the session submitter, the session proposal itself, and the reviewer, but historically has not had visibility into what patterns may be present in this data.

During this session, Duncan Bell, Vice President of Data Services at Association TRENDS (AT), will demonstrate how AT and NASP dug through those data points to bring about actionable insight. We’ll explore how data analysis techniques as well as natural language processing can illuminate insight from various information and data sources already existing within your association. By surfacing topic trends and relationships that are hidden within the data in plain sight, you can better inform the association’s mission, guide communication, and create value-add opportunities to better serve members.

After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Identify trends and relationships that live within your association’s data
  • Understand how to apply analytical insight from these data points that can help inform your association’s mission and strategy
  • Create value-add opportunities to better serve members and in turn grow your membership

Duncan Bell, Association TRENDS
Duncan Bell is the Vice President of Data Services at Columbia Books & Information Services, a publisher of data and compliance information across a number of verticals. Duncan has been working in data for 7 years and is passionate about the power of data to improve efficiency and derive insight. Duncan's team is responsible for the upkeep, development, and progression of AssociationExecs.com.

Building a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Association

The shift to mobile and social is no longer something that will happen or is happening; the shift happened. 71% of internet usage now happens on mobile and the predominant internet activity on mobile is social networking. For many of us our phones are the first thing we pick up in the morning and the last thing we put down at night. As a result, your association has more moments throughout the day to connect with members and prospects than ever before. It’s critical to deliver the right experience based on people's context so you can build personal relationships and deliver lifetime value to members. This presentation will provide high-value, low-cost tactics to enhance your organization’s digital marketing strategy so you can grow your membership, event attendance, and educational programs.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how to target your audience base on social media and retarget your website visitors on their social media news feeds
  • Learn how to leverage social advertising and automated email workflows to drive leads and grow membership and educational participation
  • Learn how to run a successful influencer marketing campaign
  • Learn how to optimize your online videos for optimal consumption across all platforms
  • Learn how to boost your search engine rankings and make your association more visible online

Jon Kinsella, Association Headquarters
Jon Kinsella has been developing and executing integrated marketing plans for associations and non-profits for nearly 10 years. At AH, he serves as the subject area expert on digital marketing, and works with AH stakeholders in the Marketing and Technology Solutions teams to develop and oversee execution of digital projects, services, and educational offerings. He has been the driving force behind some of AH’s best-performing and award-winning digital marketing campaigns. Jon also has presented at a number of industry events, including the Mid-Atlantic Society for Association Executive (MASAE) Mid-Year and Annual Conferences, Slice Communications’ Social Media for Nonprofits Panel, and AH leadership and marketing events. Don’t get him started on mobile strategy—the guy is way too passionate about phones.

Meeting the Needs of Multimodal Learners

According to Community Brands’ recent Member Education and Career Development Report, more than half of members now join organizations for benefits such as continuing education and networking opportunities, rather than out of a sense of professional obligation. Given this shift, it’s never been more important for associations to examine whether their offerings and services match what members seek and value most. Not only are members in search of more and more professional education and development opportunities, they are also becoming multimodal. Members aren’t after just one or even a few learning formats and options, they want all options at their disposal. Across generations, members are craving and consuming education in diverse ways – short form, long form, live and on-demand. For associations, this can be a tall order to deliver - but one that can’t be ignored as learning offerings take center stage to attract, engage and retain members.

Join us in this session as we cover:

  • The latest trends in learner education preferences across all generations
  • How a mix of short and long form, live and on-demand learning creates a fully comprehensive education program
  • Technology, techniques and creative processes for repurposing content without breaking the bank
  • Group Exercise: We’ll look into the future and discuss how your education program will evolve over the coming years. Learn from others’ approaches and create a blueprint for adopting and adapting new techniques to make your organization more successful.

Jessica Lane is the Director of Client Success for Community Brands’ Freestone™ Learning Management System. Within her role she leads prospective and current clients in leveraging Freestone™ to deliver interactive and impactful learning webinars, webcasts and on-demand courses as part of a comprehensive continuing education program. In her 9 years working with Freestone, Jessica has helped associations of all kinds engage their members with successful online learning content. Jessica’s priority is to create an extraordinary client experience that in turn influences and transcends the member experience. Her favorite activity is speaking with organizations about their goals and working with them to achieve their mission. She also enjoys learning about member preferences and market trends and often presents on key best practices and research that helps associations accelerate the adoption of new learning experiences and formats. Jessica works out of Freestone’s Atlanta, GA office.

Marketing & Membership Deep Dive - Maximizing Member Education Program Participation: Knowing Exactly What to Teach and How to Promote It

Thursday October 5th, 9:00-12:00

Target audience: mid-senior level education program marketing and membership staf

In person and online education programs can be a cost-effective way to increase the value of your organization’s membership package. They can help you not only retain existing members, but recruit new ones as well. But it can be extremely difficult to determine exactly what kinds of training opportunities your members or potential members need, and even more difficult to utilize effective marketing strategies that show them why they should participate in or attend the educational offerings that you have worked so hard on.

This intensive, three-hour deep dive session will start off by helping you learn how to use the data that you already have about member behavioral profiles to zero in on education topics of highest interest to your members. Attendees will then be shown best practices for marketing those in-demand topics and programs to both members and member prospects in order to increase attendance at meetings, and participation in eLearning courses, training seminars, and other educational offerings. Attendees overall will gain a better understanding of what topics should be incorporated into their education programs, and how to promote those programs effectively and efficiently. To wrap up the intensive, several association executives will form a panel to discuss their own education program decision making and marketing successes and failures. This will be an interactive workshop and questions/comments will be encouraged.

Attendees will:

  • Learn a quick and effective approach to setting priorities for data analysis which helps to transform “big data” into manageable data
  • Take away practical insights from of an association case study who went from “no data” to “data-driven decision making” to create relevant and effective content to drive value for members
  • Understand the value and importance of a multi-media, multi-touch attendee marketing campaign
  • Learn the key components and activities needed to maximize attendance at your education events.
  • Hear from a panel of association executives who will discuss specific marketing and decision making strategies that have/haven’t worked for their organization’s education/credentialing programs

Scott Oser, Marketing Consultant and Founder, Scott Oser Associates

Scott Oser has 20 years of marketing experience in the association and publishing industries. Before starting the firm Scott Oser Associates, he worked for market leaders like National Geographic Society, AARP and Science. Throughout his career Scott has excelled in developing, implementing and analyzing multi-channel direct marketing programs. He is highly skilled in creating effective membership, marketing and sales programs with the ability to align resources and operations to consistently achieve and exceed goals. Scott Oser is currently supporting the industry as a Member of the APAC Committee. Scott has spoken at many industry seminars and conferences. Scott also regularly contributes articles to industry publications.

Lesley Boucher, VP of Consulting and Customer Experience, ORI

Lesley is the Vice President of Consulting and Customer Experience with ORI, working with clients to gather the intelligence required to inform key decisions, extract the highest return insights from that data, and translate that information into action and results. Previously the Managing Director and Co-founder of the Pensare Group, she brings more than 25 years of experience as a senior executive working internationally to her present position. Drawing upon her wide-ranging experience, and current research into what drives a positive “customer experience”, Lesley’s absolute passion is helping teams strengthen their relationships with customers and drive revenue as a result. Lesley has been an “executive on loan” to the World Bank, senior policy advisor to the Prime Minister’s office in Canada, and Vice President of Operations of Galt Associates (a drug safety software development firm). An economist by training (M.A Economics, University of British Columbia), she actually loves numbers and trend analysis – provided that research translates into actionable insights and results for clients.

Learnapalooza Details:
October 16-18, 2018
National Housing Center,
1201 15th St NW,
Washington, DC 20005
Up to 14 CAE credits
Who Should Attend:
  • Chief Learning Officers
  • Executive Directors and CEOs
  • Education Program Managers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Credentialing Program Directors
  • Training and Content Developers
  • LMS Coordinators
  • Marketing Staff
  • Membership Staff
What's Included:
  • 2 Days of Interactive Training Plus Bootcamps
  • Networking events, Breakfasts & Lunches
  • Opportunity to test various LMSs and other learning tools
NT CommPartners BenchPrep Community Brands
Side Stage
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Association TRENDS is a CAE Approved Provider. Our programs meet the requirements for fulfilling the professional development requirements to earn or maintain the Certified Association Executive credential. We will maintain records of your participation in accord with CAE policies. For more information about the CAE credential or Approved Provider program, please visit www.whatiscae.org

Cancellation Policy: If you are not able to attend for any reason, please notify us as soon as possible. Conference cancellations received 10 business days prior to the event are fully refundable. All other cancellations are non-refundable. No shows will be subject to a $100 fee.